Professional Van Racking

System Edström offers the market’s most flexible van racking systems for the mobile craftsman. The system has been developed with a focus on high quality, high safety (we crash test our systems) and our extraordinary flexibility. Thanks to this, you can design a racking system tailored to you, your vehicle and your needs.  We crash test all our products in France where we work together with INRS, a testing institute that has established standards for the crash testing of vehicle racking systems and interiors.

We also offer products that complement our racking systems such as safety products, lighting, power supplies and other accessories. If you would like to find out more about how you can add to your van racking system to gain the maximum out of your vehicle, you can do so here. You are always welcome to get in touch with us or one of our dealers to get help with your racking system.

Inspiration for your service vehicle

System Edström has developed specially-designed van racking systems for the following vehicles.

We offer specially-designed kits for all the usual panel vans but these can be modified, or custom designed to suit your personal needs and preferences. We have extensive experience in building specially-adapted transport vehicles to match our customers needs. Nevertheless, each individual vehicle, and the person operating it, is unique. We all have our own special preferences and working methods. Our high tech drawing program lets you produce drawings of a racking system that is tailored to your vehicle. This is what a vehicle will look like with a System Edström racking system. The drawings are also viewable in 3D which makes it even easier for you to experience exactly how your vehicle will look. Go ahead and draw it yourself and then take that into your closest dealer for any fine tuning or additions. They will help you to find the best racking system for you. Remember too that when you use one of our dealers you get a five year warranty on the racking system and the installation. Naturally, you can install the racking system yourself by following the general installation instructions we supply. If you install the racking system yourself, you receive a three-year warranty on the system. Of course, we are ready to assist if you have any questions about the installation. Just get in touch with us.

Under each vehicle make you will find images/pictures to inspire you as well as van racking ideas for your particular vehicle.


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You can research a racking system for your vehicle in our drawing tool. You can also find all the vehicle makes and models and view the ready-made designs for your particular vehicle in a virtual setting. If you want to create your own custom-designed racking system before you head to a dealer, or order one direct, you can easily do this in our webshop.