Van Racking Safety

Safety is one of System Edström’s most important areas of concern when it comes to van racking systems  in transport vehicles. In the event of an accident, your vehicle’s interior must offer safety so that your tools are exactly where you have stored them.

How can we guarantee that our van racking systems can withstand accidents? The answer to this question is simple; we always crash test our van racking systems by subjecting them to the internationally standard tests available for van racking. Since not all accidents are alike, over the years we have followed up and studied the many accidents that occur involving transport vehicles. Based on this information, we constantly improve our designs, installation instructions and train our suppliers to be able to ensure driver safety.

A van racking system from System Edström can be installed in our workshop in Corby, at one of our suppliers in the UK or you can mount it yourself. If you choose to mount the van racking system yourself, make sure to follow our general mounting instructions and keep safety in mind at all times. Remember that you receive a five-year warranty on the van racking systems and installations if you chosse us or one of our dealers to mount it. If you install the van racking systems yourself, you have a three-year warranty on the van racking.

Things to keep in mind when loading your van racking systems with tools

Heavy objects should be loaded as low as possible in the vehicle. This is safer if an accident occurs and your vehicle will be easier and more safe to drive. Always use loading straps on bulky objects to keep them from moving around. This can saves lives! Always lay your load down. If you throw things, you can damage your tools, spare parts and the van racking. A good idea is to use inserts in drawers and plastic bins on shelves in order to minimize the risk of objects moving around, prevent tools from being damaged and lower the noise level. Putting our mats on the shelves will help keep items in place. Van racking systems from System Edström – a tool for better organization and safety.

When your van racking system has been installed and is ready to use, read through our Advice for the road.