Accessories for Van Racking Solutions

The van racking is not the only thing that makes your vehicle more flexible, safe and effective. Accessories play an important role in the overall package. We will help you pick out accessories together with your choice of van racking solution. There is so much more than just shelves and drawers. We will help you make your van racking more efficient by complementing it with storage trays, plastic bins for shelves, fittings for drawers, interior lighting and extra lighting, power supplies, safety products, electronics, roof accessories and more.

Why should you add different types of accessories for your van racking solutions?

To be able to have as safe a work vehicle as possible, it is vital to make sure everything is in its place. This is mainly from a safety point of view. If your tools are properly secured in a drawer and strapped down, not only does it reduce noise but it can save lives. Our storage tray and our plastic bins also helps keep smaller things organised like screws and nuts.

Lighting accessories for van racking systems

Good lighting is of vital importance when your van is your mobile workplace. We help you equip your vehicle with exterior and interior lighting. When we talk about exterior lighting, we can help you with warning lights, flashlights, work lights, searchlights, extra lights, position lights, rear lights and turn signal lamps. We also supply blue lights and lights for surveillance and monitoring. In the case of interior lighting, we can offer several different types of LED lighting which can also be controlled.

Safety always comes first at System Edström. In addition to the crash tests we conduct on ourthe products that we produce ourselves, we offer several accessories that we sell under the heading of “safety”. We can equip your transport vehicle with a fire extinguisher, First-aid kit, tie-down points, nylon straps and rubber tie-down straps.

Power supplie for your vehicle racking

When you are looking for power supplies, we offer several different types of inverters. Depending on the needs of your vehicle, we help you to find the best solution. One of our big sellers is our 400 watt inverter. This is a complete charging machine with two 230 volt outlets on the side, a USB outlet and automatic alarm/shutoff switch if the battery voltage drops too low. Usually this type of inverter is not placed under much load. If the battery voltage should drop to below 10.8 volts, an alarm sounds and the 230 volt outlet shuts down. It is a pure sine wave from the inverter so sensitive electronics are not damaged.

Other accessories we offer include bags, bag holders, rails, file holders, drawer inserts, storage trays, storage tray inserts, rubber mats, shelving accessories, shelving dividers, plastic crates, screwdrivers and holders, gas cylinder holders, roof pipe racks, ladders, bag supports and tool holders.