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Van Racking from System Edström – affordable quality

System Edström Bilinredningar AB, manufacturer of van racking for transport vehicles, is very proud to be the first van racking manufacturer in Sweden to obtain the Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) by Ford

When you have a professional van racking system in your service van, you will discover how much more efficient and fun work can be. By keeping your tools and equipment well organized, opening the doors of your vehicle to start work will be a joy. Your customers will also see a professional craftsman who does not need to spend more time in his vehicle than necessary. Avoid needless searches for tools and equipment and simply start work.

Van Racking

We are a market leader in equipping mobile workplaces. We do this by focusing on offering the utmost in safety, quality and flexibility. We custom design our van racking systems to suit your particular needs.

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Work lighting

Add quality work lighting to your service vehicle. You should consider equipping your vehicle with good work lighting for better safety and a better work environment. We offer both exterior and interior lighting.

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We always put safety first so that is why we subject our van racking systems to crash tests in accordance with international standards and independent, approved testing institutes. These tests are extreme and require high speeds and heavy loads.

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Inverter Bilinredning TIllbehör

Power supply

Depending on your vehicle’s requirements, we will assist you in finding the best possible power supply solution. We offer several different types of inverters; one of most popular is our 400 W inverter.

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Even if our van racking systems help you keep you vehicle organized, sometimes you need special accessories for that little extra. We offer a range of different accessories to make your day a little easier.

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Flexi System

Our new flexible system for folding shelves! Combine several shelves and at the same time gain access to transport pallets or large packages. If needed, you simply fold up the shelves and you have immediate access to the full floor area.

Choose from 5 different widths, three different depths and two different types of shelves. The shelves can carry a weight up to 100 kg!

The inclined shelf frames can be fitted to different degrees to be adapted to the shape of the vehicle, which maximizes the floor area of the working van.

If you need to maximize the number of shelves you can mount our special locking mechanism, so that shelves overlap when stowed.

The Flexi System offers you an unrivalled flexibility!

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Why System Edström?

With more than 60 years in the business we are van racking experts. All our product development and manufacturing is handled in Sweden. As a result, we only have short distances to travel which helps reduce the impact on the environment. We also offer 3-5 year warranty if you purchase and install your van racking system at one of our many dealers throughout Europe. We crash test all our van interiors according to international standards. These tests are tough and are carried out by independent testing institutes in France. They have developed extreme testing methods involving ultra high speeds and heavy loads.

Bilinredning tillverkad i Sverige

Made in Sweden

5 års garanti på bilinredning

Up to five year warranty

Krocktestad bilinredning

Crash tested

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