System Edström Racing

System Edström’s involvement and enthusiasm when it comes to racing go way back! Now we have taken a step further with the launch of our own brand new racing cars.
– It was clear from the start that this racing project should be based on vans because that is our passion, says Uffe Neumann, MD of System Edström.
When Ford showed interest, the time had come to kick start the project. In addition to this, several other companies had also shown extensive interest for the concept.

Two Ford Couriers intended for Track Days, Time Attack and other events of similar kind has been built. We have read the Motorsport Association’s book of regulations during the construction process, and this gives us the possibility to rent a race track and do some real racing!!

- The cars will be a part of the daily usage and our daily activities. And when it is time to do some racing we just put on the racing tires and the van is, abracadabra, ready for a racing fun-ride!


Ford Transit Courier Trend
3-cylinder EcoBoost turbo Engine
Suspension lowering kit from H&R från SC Styling
Stainless exhaust system from Ferrita
Basic safety cage from Gus Burar
Racing seats from Sparco and Radne Motor
4-point belt from Radne Motor

System Edström has had a long-term collaboration with the following motor sport profiles:

Greg Hancock
Annie Seel
Mikael Kågered
Alexander Graff
Andreas ”Adde” Ahlberg
Ramona Karlsson