System Edström Van Racking - Best practice

Your new vehicle is in the garage an you have a mountain of tools and spare parts which all need a space. Bear this in mind:

 • Load heavy things low. You might think this is obvious, but storing your racking and cargo in a clever way will give you less problems width a sore back and the vehicle will act much better and be safer on the road.
 • If you have bulky packages on the floor make sure to use proper straps to retain them. It can save your life!
 • Remember that System Edström is only a tool for maintaining a good order and safety in your vehicle. At the end of the day it is up to you how effective this tool will function in your everyday life.
 • When you equip your vehicle with the tools and spare parts you'll need, remember to PUT the items firmly in place.
 • Use drawer inserts and plastic bins as much as possible. This will keep your stuff in place. It also avoids unnecessary noise and damaged tools/parts.
 • Benefit from a quieter life by using plastic foam in the cassettes, it also prevents damaging tools and parts.
 • Rubber mats in the shelves are a matter of course for us. Again, it reduces noise and your tools and parts stay in place.
How much can you load in System Edström
All weights apply to evenly spread payloads.
 • Cassettes with plastic moulding - 40 kg
 • Cassettes with ball bearing - 60 kg

 • Shelves 300 to 1600 mm length - 70 kg
 • Shelves 1601 to 1960 mm length - 50 kg
 • Pipe shelves - same as above
 • Telescopic shelves - 30 kg
 • Aluminium shelves - 20 kg
 • Sliding shelves - 40 kg
 • Sliding platform - 200 kg
 • Sliding drawer and shelf frame - 140 kg
 Note! Our products can be loaded as stated above, but the vehicle has a stated maximum pay load you are not allowed to exceed.