Advice on the road

Below we present a few pieces of advice for the road. With over 60 years in the industry, we know what is important to keep in mind. Safey always comes first for us at System Edström but there is so much more involved. Driving enjoyment should not be affected by safety, on the contrary. Noise from rattling parts can cause irritation so we have listed solutions for that too here. System Edström offers mobile workshops using van racking systems which are flexible and designed to satisfy your needs.

  • Position heavy loads low so your work vehicle will be easier and safer to drive. And from a work environment perspective, it is better to be able to avoid heavy lifting.

  • If you are carrying bulky goods, make sure to strap them securely on the floor. In case of an accident, heavy items can be a disaster if they are not securely fastened. This can save lives.

  • Remember that System Edström is simply a tool for organization and safety in your vehicle. Ultimately, you are the person who decides how effective your tool functions.

  • When you outfit your work van with the tools and spare parts you need, remember to place your payload in the right location. If you throw things around, you can damage your tools, spare parts and even the interior.

  • Use inserts in drawers and plastic crates on the shelves to prevent the tools from moving around too much. You will avoid needless rattling and ruined tools.

  • Use our insert in the drawers. It helps muzzle noise emanating from the racking system and keeps your tools and spare parts safe from wear and tear. Rubber mats on the shelves also keep noise down and ensure that tools and spare parts stay in one place.

How much can you load onto your van racking from System Edström?

All weights refer to a wide load:

    • Inserts with guides (standard) – 60 kg
    • Shelves 300-1600 mm length – 70 kg
    • Shelves 1601-1960 mm – 50 kg
    • Pipe shelves – same as above
    • Adjustable pipe shelves – 30 kg
    • Pull-out shelves – 40 kg
    • Loading sled – 300 kg
    • Pull-out van racking frame – 140 kg

NB! Keep in mind that your work van has a fixed maximum load capacity which must not be exceeded.