Why should you choose a van racking system from System Edström?

Function - we provide a place for everything.

Safety- your safety on the road is very important to us. We rely on our long experience for continuous improvements. We do accident follow up and crash test our products.

Quality - is everything to us.

Warranty - installed correctly, we know that our van racking systems will last a long time. This is why we were the first company in Sweden to offer a five year guarantee providing that your van racking system has been installed by one of our trained dealers.

Flexibility - choose one of our ready made van racking solutions and add to it all the items you want or make your own customized solution. Our products are like "Meccano" where everything fits together so you can get it just the way you want.

Affordable - we always strive for the lowest price, but never compromise the quality or safety.

Weight - just like with the price, we always strive for the lowest possible weight, but never compromise the quality or the safety of our products.

Backward compatibility - our products will last for years and we can assure you that you will always be able to supplement your old System Edström racking solution with new pieces. It is not unusual for us to have clients returning to us after more than 10 years.

Experience - with over 55 years of experience we are one of the oldest companys in the business, experiences we use every day to bring you the best possible service and products.

Nationwide services - we have qualified dealers throughout Sweden to give you the best service.

Short delivery time – we have most of our products in stock so you can receive your racking solution as quickly as possible, usually within 1 to 2 weeks after your order.

Drawings and sketches - you can always get sketches and drawings of your van racking before you order, for you to verify that it looks like you have planned. Our dealers are able to draw simple van racking by themselves and get help from us for the more advanced solutions.

Market leader - gives you confidence in your choice of a van racking solution.