With a lifting and loading system from MAD, you can easily load heavy objects into your transport vehicle. The Dutch company specialises in vehicle suspension systems and also offers cranes.

Using the mobile EasyLoad onboard loading system, you can easily lift up to a 500 kg load into your vehicle and position it exactly where you want it. Once the load is in place, the overhead boom can simply be shifted to one side out of the way. This offers an ideal working environment for you and good driving characteristics for the van. The cable is 8 metres long making it easy to hoist up heavy objects from beneath the ground, like a pump from a well. The boom is mounted on a self-supporting frame which is bolted to the existing fastening points in the van. When you switch vehicles, you can simply take your EasyLoad with you. If you change the size of your vehicle, you may need a new frame; everything else can be moved over. Two electric cables are required for the vehicle’s existing battery, or you can add an extra battery.

There are two types of cranes: