The drawers slide on bearings, partly because it’s easy to pull them in and out, but also to handle really heavy loads, up to 60 kg per drawer.

Our drawers are completed with sweep and guides, which makes it possible to combine the drawer stack completely according to the need:
Deep, low, wide or narrow.

All drawers coming from System Edström are available in two standard depths of the range, 300 mm or 470 mm. Three different widths, from the smaller with a width of 302 mm, through the bestsellers 392 mm and 605 mm, up to 784 mm in width. The height are 110 mm or 220 mm. For the regular drawer, 392 mm, there is also an intermediate height of 165 mm.

We also have complement to the drawers with custom made drawer inserts that you can divide into smaller compartments or a few large compartments.

A socle can be smart to insert if you wish to stack the drawers on the floor.