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We have the smart and safe solutions of racking for your van.

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System Edström creates mobile workplaces!

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Made in Sweden

Up to 5 years warranty

Crash tested

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System Edström – Creating Mobile Workplaces

Our professional van racking systems improve efficiency, saving time and money.

At System Edström, we focus on safety, quality and flexibility.

Our systems help your teams keep tools, equipment and parts perfectly organised, so they know exactly where everything is, when they need it.

Van Racking Systems

We are a market leader in equipping mobile workplaces. We do this by focusing on offering the utmost in safety, quality and flexibility when it comes to vehicle racking. We custom design our van racking systems to suit your particular needs.

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We always put safety first so that is why we subject our van racking systems to crash tests in accordance with international standards and independent, approved testing institutes. These tests are extreme and require high speeds and heavy loads.

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Even if our van racking systems help you keep your vehicle organized, sometimes you need special accessories for that little extra. We offer a range of different accessories to make your day a little easier.

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Work lighting

Add quality work lighting to your service vehicle. You should consider equipping your vehicle with good work lighting for better safety and a better work environment. We offer both exterior and interior lighting for your vehicle.

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Qualified Vehicle Modifier Program at Ford

We are very pleased to announce that Edstrom of Sweden Ltd completed and passed the Ford Approved Converter audit.

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Power supply

Depending on your vehicle’s requirements, we will assist you in finding the best possible power supply solution. We offer several different types of inverters; one of most popular is our 400 W inverter.

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Why vehicle racking systems from System Edström?

With more than 60 years in the business we are van racking solution systems experts. All our product development and manufacturing is handled in Sweden. As a result, we only have short distances to travel which helps reduce the impact on the environment. We also offer 3-5 year warranty if you purchase and install your van racking systems at one of our many dealers throughout Europe. We crash test our van interiors according to international standards. These tests are tough and are carried out by independent testing institutes, INRS. They have developed extreme testing methods involving ultra high speeds and heavy loads.

Made in Sweden

Up to five year warranty

Crash tested


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